30 Oct

We, our Jobs4Germany team, wish to connect potential and opportunity.

Jobs4Germany’s goal is to create a common cooperation between specialists and specialised companies. We will accompany the entire process from the beginning to the end and provide support with knowledge and experiences gained in international teams and new working environments.


Find each other

– making the first contact.


Get to know each other

– giving support during the first conversations.


Decide for each other

– clarifying systematically all open questions in order to make a satisfying decision.


Pave the common way

– solving all legal and organizational issues.


Have a good start together

– overcoming all problems resulting from a new place of residence and work.


Feel well

– getting to know the region and finding connections for the private surroundings.


It goes without saying that we will continue care and support.


We are looking forward to our first contact and extensive discussions following.


Kind regards

Daniel Menz



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